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The training mentioned here is not the training of people prior to the development of the plan or management system including groups such as:

  • senior and middle level managers
  • supervisors, in-house expertise
  • members of the management improvement team
  • members of the element coordination teams 

The training of those groups is very important but is not part of the platform model as such. You can find that training under the umbrella of the 17-step Process - steps 2, 3, 4, 9 and 11.  

Train for execution of Plan

Train as part of the platform model is the training in relation to the execution of the plan, more particularly to the execution of the element activities. This training precedes the last part of the platform model: Plan - Train - Do and can be found in steps 13, 14 and 15 of the 17-step process.

The plan indicates what needs to be done and provides the basis for training of people which includes: 

  • Training of people who need to know the HOW of the work involved when implementing of the element activities (step 13 of 17-step process: "Implementation training"). For example, how to investigate incidents, how to carry out inspections, how to deal with customer complaints, how to report unwanted events, etc.
  • Training of people who need to manage/supervise the activities to be done by others. This training includes the critical activity issues that a supervisor or manager needs to know to evaluate and stimulate the activities that are to be carried out in his/her unit or department (ref. step 14 of the 17-step process: "Management briefing").
  • Training of people who need to periodically evaluate the management system activities carried out under step 15 of the 17-step process to establish whether these are done as planned and if the desired results - per element or activity area as well as for the entire management system - are being obtained (ref. step 15 "Do" and step 16 "Review" of the 17-step process).

Obviously the training will depend on the Management Activity Area or element concerned. The training needs to consider relevant issues, the reason for change, element objectives, the activities to be done, tools/forms to be used etc., basically everything that comes under "Structure".



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