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The Art of Frank Top

Frank is the son of my wife Marry and me. We named him after Frank E. Bird, Jr. Drawing and painting has been his number one passion for years, even when he was only 6 years old.

Website - The Art of Frank Top

Click on picture (self-portrait) below to go to his website for additional information.

The art of Frank Top - future famous Dutch painter. 

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Frank has been studying at the Atelier Stockholm (see below) for three years (2010 - 2013)learning to be a professional painter. Frank is presently living in The Netherlands and available for assignments.

Atelier Stockholm, the Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA), is Scandinavia's foremost school of fine art focused on training students to draw and paint realistically. The school trains its students using predominantly traditional, time-tested methods going back as far the renaissance, as well as newer methods. In doing so, Atelier Stockholm is not returning to the past, but building upon it.

Atelier Stockholm at Simrishamn 

Atelier Stockholm at the new location (September 2015) at Simrishamn:

The intensive curriculum of Atelier Stockholm demands that students be dedicated, disciplined and passionate about creating art. Students focus on improving and perfecting their ability to draw and paint accurately, both technically and aesthetically. However, Atelier Stockholm is unique in that it also trains and encourages students to work from their imagination. Creating the human figure from the imagination, for example, is learned through the careful study of constructive anatomy.

SARA and Frank on TV

Look at a short TV broadcast made at SARA. Frank is the on the opening shot with head phone and later shown and interviewed as "second year student from The Netherlands".

Watch on YouTube:



Frank Top - drawing


Here is another short video that was shot at the Atelier Stockholm:






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