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It is an interesting approach you take as well on management systems. When I first started to work in this industry I asked the question "what is a management system" to so many people, from auditors to my operations manager and everyone had different ideas and definitions, so at the end I only had a vague idea of the concept. I think from now on, when I get asked the question by my friends or family, I'll simply use your definition, it is much simpler and it makes sense! Thanks for that.

R.H. - Australia

Your name was always included in any discussion of world leaders in safety and health/loss control/risk management, and as a progressive thinker you were a huge influence around the world.

S.B. - USA

I like the way that you make it simple and clear especially the safety flavor. I would like to buy (a) hard copy (of your book) as well. I am lucky to know people like you with your experience and learn from them.

A.H. - Oman

Willem Top is kind of a legend in safety - at least in The Netherlands and Belgium. Willem delivers an easy to read, practical and rather unpretentious view on how a management system can be built with the help of a number of basic elements/principles. The proposed elements for the management system sound sensible. Sure, I would have made a slightly different cluster than Top’s 17 steps, but that’s quibling over details in definitions. He does propose an alternative rating for his 17 step approach as a measure for implementation. And whether you use the rating or not, it is a fine (check)list of points to consider when building and implementing your management system.

C.B. - Norway

 ... thank you very much for the copy of your book. It is really interested and gives nice step by step approach, and even more gives a lead to other tools that should be used to improve the management system you want to implement or maybe improve.   ..... I wish you many readers and public to read and implement the system using your methodology.

Ž.B. - Croatia

"Thank you for the book which was received a few weeks ago. You did a great job pulling it all together into something that has been missing in the development and implementation of management systems, and I can see how it could easily fit into a course for general business majors."

S.B. - USA






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