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Substandard Personal Factors: personal issues related to Loss



Substandard Personal factors - people limitations to perform



Personal factors are related to a person. In line with the 2 dimensional model above, this would normally refer to the person committing the substandard act or be involved in creating the substandard conditions that are being considered under the direct causes.


However, please also consider that other persons may be affected by these personal factors. Persons further away from the accident or unwanted event who may have been responsible for such areas as design of product, installations or work environment; maintenance, purchasing, training, inspections, etcetera. 


Although the results of the work done by these other people may be seen under "job factors", their skills, motivation play an important role in creating the basic causes that may lead towards unwanted events at a later stage.




Such as: 

  • Inadequate mental or physical capability
  • Stress – mental or physical
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of skill/experience
  • Improper motivation
  • Abuse or misuse
  • Other


One of the main functions of management is to control loss

To close the gap between "practice" and "theory"

Between "what and how it is done" and "what and how it should have been done"

Mishaps, errors, accidents etc. occur in the margin between "what is" and "what should be"

Substandard personal factors may be the source of substandard acts preceding the unwanted event. Substandard personal factors are related to unwanted behavior.

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