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[1] Risk Management, Safety and Control of Loss - Protecting Your Organization

[2] Making Your Future - In Business and in Other Parts of Life 



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  • Willem Top has over 40 years in the area of risk and safety management. His experience in safety management system consulting, auditing and training forms the backbone of this website.
  • The Art of Frank Top is the website of my son, presently studied art at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA) between 2010 and 2013. He wants to became a famous painter and concept artist working in illustration, games and movies.
  • Improve your organization - risk management, safety management, quality management - using the 17-Step process directed at management system success.
  • Success in safety or in other matters is based on two main issues: (1) involve people speaking the same language leading to shared objectives and values, and (2) involve people to set up, execute and improve the plan leading to shared efforts to reach objectives.


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