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SCC - Safety Certification of Contractors


In 1989, I initiated the process and assisted in the development that led to SCC/VCA certification accredited by RVC in 1994. RVC (now RvA) is the Dutch Accreditation Council. Presently SCC is operational in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Holland and Belgium alone about 13.000 certificates are "on the market" and well over 1.000.000 people received the diploma in safety that is one of the criteria for certification. A brief review of the SCC/VCA history is attached.

When started in 1994, SCC/VCA certification was almost exclusively used within the process industry. This followed the fact that SCC/VCA certification scheme was developed by people from the chemical and oil industry and myself - at that time, I had my own consulting firm and only clients in the process industry as safety was not a major concern outside that industry.

In 1994 the SSVV - Stichting Samenwerking Voor Veiligheid; Dutch Foundation for Cooperation on Safety - was founded to provide a legal environment for the certification scheme. Under the umbrella of SSVV, the Central Committee of Experts is responsible for the contents of the certification scheme and supervises the way it is being used in the market. At present about 30 Certification Institutes have been SCC/VCA accredited by the RvA.

If you are interested here is a brief description of the history of the SCC/VCA.

SCC - Safety Certification Contractors

Broader scope leads to greater importance

The focus of SCC/VCA certification is mainly on injuries with lost workdays. While this follows the more traditional approach to safety, SCC/VCA could also be used to set up a management system with a much broader scope, to also include other losses and loss producing events.

The principle of economic association

A manager will usually pay more attention to (statistical or general) information when expressed in or associated with cost terminology

If done that way, the SCC/VCA certification may be the start to control more loss situations and be directed at cost reduction in a broader sense to add to the continued profitability of the company.

Louis A. Allen

Minimizing loss is as much improvement as maximization of profit

This should be seen against the background of the construction industry in The Netherlands where 10 - 11% of turnover is lost to failures, unwanted events that drain profitability. Only a small part of those losses is due to lost time injury accidents. Broadening the scope would uncover and address more losses to gain more attention and interest from management. 

Peter Drucker

The first duty of management is to survive and the guiding principle of business economics is not the maximization of profit – it is the avoidance of loss


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