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[1] Risk Management, Safety and Control of Loss - Protecting Your Organization

[2] Making Your Future - In Business and in Other Parts of Life 



My books Success in Safety Improvement Model Management System Success Improvement Process 17-Step Process Improvement Process Rating Management System Structure Management System Content Improving the Management System The Audit Management System Rating International Safety Rating System Accidents and Incidents Accident Investigation Protocol Safety Opinion Survey

PDF's to Download

Apart from links provided to other websites/documents, there are a number of PDF documents included in my website that can be downloaded. I listed those documents below with a short explanation about their contents. They are divided in English language and Dutch language documents.


A Tribute to Frank E. Bird fin.pdf

Tribute to Frank E. Bird, Jr. who passed way in 2007 after having devoted his live to safety. One of the great safety leaders during the second half of the 20th century.

Accident Investigation Protocol.pdf

Example of a protocol to report and investigate accidents and other unwanted events.

Accident Report example.pdf

Example of an accident report incorporating the necessary elements to develop and execute remedial actions following the occurrence of unwanted events.

Behavior management process.pdf 

Condition Measurement.pdf 

Crosby 14 steps to Improvement.pdf

Employee safety booklet XYZOil.pdf 

Example of an oil industry related safety booklet for employees.

Higher level audit example fin.pdf 

History and Development of SCC-VCA.pdf 

How to make rules.pdf 

Improvement process evaluation and success.pdf

ISRS - Offshore.PDF

Loss Control - Societal Implications.pdf

Loss Control Maturity ProfileUK.pdf

Loss Control Service Guide example.pdf 


Management principles 1.pdf 

Project Safety Improvement.pdf 

Safety Audit System example 1.pdf 

Safety Audit System Example 2EXT.pdf 

Safety Culture.pdf 

Safety In Europe Past Present Future.pdf 

Safety Management and the ISRS.pdf 

Safety Management System Content and Structure.pdf 

Safety Opinion Survey Management.pdf 

An opinion survey questionnair that I used in conjunction with ISRS (International safety rating System) audits during the late seventies, early eighties. This one directed at senior and middle management.  .

Safety Opinion Survey Supervision.pdf 

As above for direct supervision.

Safety Opinion Survey Operational Employees.pdf 

As above but now for operational emplyees

Visitor safety booklet.pdf 

Example of a safety booklet for visitors; related to the oil industry.

What Makes Safety Management Flourish.pdf 

XYZOil Management Guide to Safety and Loss Prevention.pdf 

Example of an oil industry related (safety) management system document.


Bedrijfsmilieuzorg - meten is weten.pdf

Doe meer met VCA.pdf 


Loss Control - een praktische benadering.pdf

ISRS - Internationaal Meetsysteem Veiligheid.pdf 

Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling van VCA.pdf 

Protocol ongevallen NL januari 2011.pdf 

Risicofinanciering - 1990.pdf 

Risk and Loss Control Management KLUWER.pdf 

Risk Management - een praktische beschrijving.pdf 

Risk Management Financieel Management.pdf 

Safety Auditing - Kluwer fin.pdf 

Safety Auditing - Procestechniek.pdf 

Veiligheid - een bestuurbare zaak.pdf 

Veiligheid - een zorg van twee partijen.pdf 

Veiligheid begint bij een goede organisatie.pdf 

Veiligheid in de proces industrie.pdf 

Veiligheid Ontwikkeling Profiel.pdf 

Veiligheidsdoorlichting verbetert organisatie.pdf 

Veiligheidsmanagement Petrochem 3 1989.pdf 


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