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[1] Risk Management, Safety and Control of Loss - Protecting Your Organization

[2] Making Your Future - In Business and in Other Parts of Life 



My books Success in Safety Improvement Model Management System Success Improvement Process 17-Step Process Improvement Process Rating Management System Structure Management System Content Improving the Management System The Audit Management System Rating International Safety Rating System Accidents and Incidents Accident Investigation Protocol Safety Opinion Survey

Other Resources

1. OSHAcademy - Free online OSH training. Over 20 subjects including Accident Investigation. Online examination and low cost course certificates.

2. Safety Risk Australia - a website wih a lot of free interesting safety, health and risk management stuff.

3. PDF document "Management Principles". Included in this are some “Principles of Management”. They can be used when writing a text or within the context of training. A number of these principles can be attributed to Louis A. Allen and I learned quite a bit about management after buying my first Allen book “The Management Profession”, back in the seventies. The principles also appear in other publications.

4. A brief description of a project to improve the safety management efforts of a chemical company in The Netherlands. The ISRS (International Safety Rating System) was used as a reference.

5. Open Colleges, Australia Occupational Health Safety Training Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success an efficient business, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity. Business owners have responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace and many companies are now enlisting the help of occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals.

This Diploma is suitable for those who currently manage or administrate OHS for their workplaces, or for those looking to gain the skills to allow them to step into this sort of role. The course assumes some existing knowledge of OHS practices, but aims to build on your current knowledge and formalise your current skills. Knowing and understanding the OHS laws enables businesses to form a strong foundation to achieve long-term success.

6. Safety, Health, Environment and Quality - Guide to Managing Risk. 550-page book by Germain, Bird and Labuschagne. Published by ILCI (2011). ISBN 978-0-615-44712-4.

This book presents a systematic and practical approach to managing risks through the control of safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ) incidents. Written for students, practitioners and leaders at all levels, this book provides a valuable resource as you plan, develop, implement and improve your SHEQ programs. Whether you manage SHEQ as an integrated system or as separate disciplines/management systems, this book can help make a difference in your programs.This practical reference, presents the concepts, techniques, sample forms and actual case studies to help you achieve success.


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