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The ultimate objective is to actually implement, carry out, execute or DO the activities that are described in the plan (= management system activity areas). Of course after proper training has been provided to all concerned:

  • the people who have to do the work and who have to know the when and how to do it
  • those who have to make sure, supervise and stimulate that it will be done
  • those who have to periodically evaluate that the work is done and what the results are

Do - putting plan into action

The execution of work according to plan would include:

(1) WHAT needs to be done

(2) a schedule - WHEN the work needs to be done

(3) assignment of work to WHOM will do it

(4) HOW the work needs to be done; after training/instruction

The doing will include the Deming Check and Act steps:

(5) the periodic assessment of the work (management activities) done (Check)

This could be done by people within the unit or department where the activities should be carried out or by people from other departments, staff personnel and even by external people. Preferably  people should be allowed to evaluate their own activities as part of self-management and employee empowerment. Where needed this can or should be supplemented by others more distant from the actual work and with less vested interest.

This assessment is comparing what and how work has been done with what and how it should have been done. 

(6) the periodic evaluation of results obtained from the work done (Check)

In principle the same as mentioned under the point above. Now the objective is not to assess what has been done but to evaluate what results have been obtained in comparison with the targets or objectives set for each individual management activity area or element.

Following the periodic assessment and depending on the results thereof action plans (Act) may need to be developed.

If the work is not carried out as intended by the plan:

(7) correct deviations between how the work is described in the element and how it is actually being carried out.

If work is done properly but results are less than expected:

(8) add new activity areas or elements to the management system if the overall objective of the management system has not been reached

(9) add activities to existing management activity areas or elements if the objectives of the activity areas or elements have not been obtained

"Do" is step 15 of the 17-step process. And, after the review in stap 16, what is step 17? Right - do it again, keep on doing to reach and maintain the success that you are looking for. Visualized in the picture below in which I used my Topves logo symbolizing a combination of the platform model and the ongoing process.


Keep on doing to reach success


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