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Basic Causes of Accidents permanent Sources of Loss



Basic causes of accidents - leading to unwanted events and their losses



Basic causes are sometimes also called "root causes". As such they are the “source”, so to speak, from which the unwanted events evolve. Basic causes are also called the "underlying causes”.  


In my opinion, however, the real "root causes" can be found in the management system. The reasoning behind this is that basic or underlying causes are caused when the management system fails to produce the proper results. This may be due to insufficient content of thesystem (activity areas and activities) and/or inadequate structure (objectives, evaluation of execution and results) of system elements making sure that necessary activities are being implemented, evaluated and improved when necessary.   


As with direct causes, here too we recognize two main categories: (1) personal aspects - related to a person, and (2) job factors - related to the organization, work conditions and processes. 


Basic causes of undesired events are divided in two main categories:


Basic causes form the breeding ground from which the direct causes can develop that may result in unwanted events with consequences such as: injury, material damage, quality problems, liability claims and other losses. 




One of the main functions of management is to control loss

To close the gap between "practice" and "theory"

Between "what and how it is done" and "what and how it should have been done"

Between substandard "what is" and standard "how should be"

Basic causes are more directly related to the management system and to the quality of the implementation of the activities contained therein. They can be found through activities such as design reviews, risk identification, inspections, (task) observations and accident imaging. 


Basic causes can be uncovered through activities such as inspections, (task) observations and accident imaging.



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