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Audit Resources

Audit Resources

 1. An example of a safety management system layout for high hazardous industry. The example shows activity areas or "elements" (= content) as well as the structure in each of the elements and can be used to develop a safety management system or to set up a reference for auditing such systems.

2. An example of a safety management audit system for a chemical company. This particular example includes a scoring system allowing a numeric value to the total system as well as to the respective system elements. Such scoring system will be a great help for communication to decision makers.

Please note that the element structure is not included in the elements of this audit system. Including such structure could have an important influence on the end results of an audit. In 1993 I was involved in making the process industry related version of an internationally used safety management audit system. This process industry version included the element structure while the original audit system did not. Both audit system however included scoring opportunities resulting in level awards ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the superior qualification. Both instruments were used when auditing a chemical company in Spain where the original version produced a level 8 award while the process industry version did not go beyond level 1. The element structure made the difference!


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